over 10 years of experience
I’m an old school photographer; I started out sweeping the studio floor then graduated to printing in the darkroom. I assisted some of the best photographers around. The most important lesson I learned though was that it’s a tremendous honor when someone allows me to photograph him or her. It means a great deal to me. Photography has been the key to helping me learn about people and has allowed me to get close when it should have been impossible.
I use photography to get close to things that are important to me like human rights, marginalized people and maternal health. Sharing these stories to help make even the smallest difference is why I put my feet on the ground in the morning and why I strive to make a human connection with the individuals that trust me to tell their stories.
My early professional years were spent in LA shooting celebrities and rock stars, it was a great experience and has given me a unique perspective on life, it has also helped to create my visual aesthetic both technically and creatively which informs how I approach projects to this day.
In my spare time I like to ride my Triumph Thruxton motorcycle, play hockey and cycle although not all at the same time.