Crystal Fairy in The Rolling Stone

Who doesn’t like to see their images in Rolling Stone? There was a time when that was one of the top dreams for me as a young photographer. I’ve been lucky and had my work in it a few times. I don’t shoot much music anymore but I did shoot the supergroup Crystal Fairy¬†and Rolling Stone picked up this image. Cool ūüôā

De-notified image picked up on Everyday Mumbai blog

I just returned home from a month in India working on my project about the de-notified tribes. While shooting in Mumbai I came upon a young woman who had been burned while cooking. Her neck and breast were badly burned. Her father wanted me to see this. I posted one of the images on my instagram feed and it was picked up by the popular Instagram feed called “Everyday Mumbai” The image was seen by well over 3k people, some even reached out trying to help this woman. I tried to put them in contact with someone that could help but to this day I am not sure the outcome.

Migrant Sugarcane project is featured on Edge Of Humanity site

The great response and feedback to my project on the Migrant Sugarcane workers of India continues with a wonderful¬†feature on Edge Of Humanity’s website. Please check it and the other great stories on this fantastic site when you get a chance. The presentation is different than what has been done in the past. Click HERE to see it.

Nomi Network uses my images on their new site

I can’t get over how considerate Nomi Network has been to me and my work. They always give me credit on photos used (not always the case in the industry) and just last week they launched a new website that is covered with images I have taken for them. The site looks great and I’m so proud to have so many of my images featured on it. Check it out¬†HERE

I’ve been interviewed on The Photo Brigade

A few weeks I was honored to be interviewed by Robert Caplin of The Photo Brigade. The Photo Brigade is a community formed by photographer Robert Caplin and his wife, graphic designer Laia Prats, as a resource for freelancers to showcase their work to a larger audience of photographers and photo lovers through social media.  Check it out if you get a chance by clicking HERE

Thanks to Maptia

I want to take a second and thank Maptia for featuring my work this week. I have been really humbled to be in the presence of such powerful work. They a really great platform for documentary photographers to show their work. The team at Maptia are working on building an already great platform into an even better one. I’ve been turned on to some amazing stories from incredible photographers. Please take a moment and check them out and share it to people you think would be into this kind of work.

UN Women Finland

I’m always happy to see my work being used to bring attention to issues and or causes and this one is a great example of that. UN Women (Finland) has used this image of a young woman I photographed in India to help stop Violence Against Women for their Face-To-Face Fundraising. This woman¬†was abused by her husband and his family because they were not happy with the dowry that was promised. Thankfully the woman’s family agreed to take her back which sadly is often not¬†the case. With their support and that of a lawyers collective she was able to fight for her rights against her husband and his family. Now she is in school getting an education making sure she does not need to rely on anyone else in the future. ¬†Here is to empowering woman!

“How I hired myself” in the Zacuto blog


Some press of another kind today when Zacuto featured an article about my project in India and how I got it funded and what gear I used. Zacuto makes camera rigs and viewfinders for shooting motion. Many of their products work seamlessly with DSLR cameras. Essentially turning a DSLR into a very robust motion camera. You can see the article here.

Petition to stop child labor in India

I’m always happy to see one of my images being used. Unfortunately this image is of of three young girls forced to work instead of going to school in hopes of a better more secure future.

One of the biggest problems in India is that of child labor.

India’s parliament has just passed a bill to legalize child labor in Family and Family-based enterprises and the audio-visual entertainment. This is in fact 90% of India’s child labour. With this law, unscrupulous employers and contractors will get impunity and India’s 4.4 million child workers will not get a chance to escape their caste-based occupations.

Additionally, the government has cut 50% of its budget for women and children and 28% for education. This has led to the closure of mid-day meals and boarding schools for poor low caste children, putting them at risk of labour and sexual exploitation.

If you can, please sign this petition and learn more about it here to help stop it.

Migrant project is featured on Social Documentary website.

One of my favorite documentary websites has featured the Migrant Sugarcane project on it’s front page. Social Documentary Network (Visual stories exploring global themes) Please check it out and all the other great stories.

Elcho Island images in Am-United Magazine

Just this week Am-United Magazine¬†(an online magazine highlighting current issues through the activism of Amnesty International youth across Australia)¬†ran a feature from my time at Elcho Island of the Northern most point of Australia in the Norther Territory. The story focuses on the beautiful weaving of pandana tree leafs that the Aboriginal woman turn into amazing creations. The full story can be seen¬†on this¬†site under “projects” and Elcho Island. You can see the full online magazine here

The Birth Lottery on the “Journal”

I consider myself very lucky to have some great friends who have helped to contribute to my projects over the past years. When those friends also happen to be the amazing duo behind Raven & Crow Studios (Katie and Troy Farmer) it’s even better. Friends helping friends is nothing new but when they respect the work enough to share it with their community it’s all the better. Please check out the fantastic design work from my friends at Raven & Crow Studios while you check out the piece they wrote about #thebirthlottery

Maptia makes the Migrant Sugarcane Project an “Editors Pick”

More great responses surrounding The Migrant Sugarcane Project. This time, I was contacted by Dorothy Sanders the Co-founder, designer and Editor of¬†after I submitted an abbreviated (no video) version of the project to¬†to their wonderful story telling website. Dorothy said she wanted to feature the story as an “Editors Pick” She made some great visual modifications and now the story can be seen here.

PDN features the Migrant Sugarcane Project.

I was very pleased to see that The Migrant Sugarcane project is starting to get some traction. PDN (Photo District News) the industry leading magazine has published a piece on the launch. You can see it here

BikeEXIF features some fun day shots

Sometimes your weekend life crosses with your work life. That happened to me a few weeks ago when I was visiting California and was asked by my friend Paulo of Pagnol-moto if I would like to join him on a trip to Carmel California to attend the Quail Motorcycle Gathering. The Quail gathering is one of the most impressive motorcycle shows in North America. Bikes from all over the world, all in beautiful condition are presented there. BikeEXIF is one of the most viewed motorcycle blogs in the world so I sent some images to Chris who founded it in case he wanted to show some on his blog. He ended up using a great selection of images for a special post from the Quail show. You can see the full feature here.

Pagnol-Moto features my photos of Walt Siegl

As some of you may know, I’m a big motorcycle fan. I ride a Triumph Thruxton (2004) So I was very pleased when Paulo the founder of Pagnol-Moto contacted me to photograph master motorcycle builder Walt Siegl at his works studio in New Hampshire. I love working on projects that I find interesting (going fast is interesting to me) so with both Walt and Paulo it was a dream come true gig. Check out the shots on the Pagnol website and check out Walt’s bikes as well. You will not be disappointed even if you are not into bikes.

#thebirthlottery in The Huffington Post

 Thanks to The Huffington Post for posting a story (written by the wonderful Julie Grahame of aCurator) on my project about #thebirthlottery.

“A new project by documentary and portrait photographer David Goldman aims to highlight the randomness of one‚Äôs place and position of birth. #TheBirthLottery is a way of sharing the plight of those born into poverty with the odds stacked against them. Simply telling people‚Äôs stories through these intimate, non-journalistic images, Goldman allows us to engage and gives us pause to reflect”

See how Nomi Network has been using my images to end trafficking!

I was very pleased to see all the great ways Nomi Network has been using my images. Starting with their 2015 annual report then on to a Donation Card as well as an India Program and a Retail Card. Great design truly helps to tell the story! Click on any of the links to see the full sized PDF and even download them.

I’ve been honored with a photojournalist award!!

Very excited to let you all know that I have been selected to receive a photojournalism award from Nomi Network This is a really amazing honor.

The award will be presented on May 5, 2015 here in NYC. As you may or may not know I was in India doing a project on the Commoditization of the Migrant Sugarcane worker. This I will be launching in the coming months. During my time in India I took a trip to Forbesganj near the border with Nepal.  Nomi Network works to create economic opportunities  for survivors and women at risk of human trafficking by providing them with targeted vocational training, critical income and market access.

I spent a few days with some the great people that help to empower these women. I was able to shoot a lot and Nomi has been sharing many of those images on their website and Facebook as well as Instagram pages.

I’ve been featured on “The Photo Frontier”

Lots of good things happening this week. I was just featured in a great blog called The Photo Frontier by a wonderful guy called Justin Balog. Check it out!