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About & News

What’s It All About?
For me, photography is about making a human connection.

Watching, listening and learning from the people that I photograph. The moment shared is often an intimate and vulnerable one. Ensuring that the humanity and dignity of the subject are always maintained is paramount to me.

Although not too old, I do consider myself a sort of old-school photographer. I started out sweeping the studio floor, before graduating to printing in the darkroom. I assisted some of the best photographers in the world and learned many lessons. Perhaps the most important was that it’s a tremendous honor when someone allows me to photograph him or her.

Photography has given me access to people, situations, and causes that I consider important. Being on the inside and given access to what most people will never have an opportunity to experience makes it all that more important to share. Through images and video, my job is to bring the viewer that much closer, to ask questions and maybe even be moved to action. It could be human rights, marginalized people, maternal health or my long-term project #thebirthlottery.

Sharing these stories to help make even the smallest difference is why I put my feet on the ground in the morning and why I strive to make a human connection.



• Excited to share a story on Canadian racecar driver Robert Wickens and his recovery from a near fatal racing accident in Aug of 2018 in Pocono speedway in the Indy Racing Series click HERE to read the story in the Globe & Mail.

• Sometimes you and by you I mean ME :)… your photos end up in a periodical you love. And so it was the case when some images I had taken of master motorcycle builder Walt Siegl ended up in META You can check out a screen grab here.

• Great to see the image I shot of Dirt Bike Rider Paul Rodden (78 years young at the time of the shoot) appear in TractionErag. See it here.

• A new series of portraits called “People Of York U” I shot for York University in Toronto is now online. You can see it here

• My alumni, Sheridan College published a nice little piece on me today. You can read it here

• Excited to announce that my image of the Three Albino Brothers has been featured on the SXSE Online Gallery curated by Elizabeth Avedon See it here

• Emmy Magazine features my portrait of 60 Minutes Executive producer Jeff Fager

ViewFind has featured the Migrant Sugarcane project on their home page. MORE INFO

• Crystal Fairy in Rolling Stone Magazine. MORE INFO

• De-notified image picked up on Everyday Mumbai MORE INFO

• Migrant Sugarcane project is featured on Edge Of Humanity  MORE INFO

• Nomi Network uses my images on their new site MORE INFO

• I’ve been interviewed on The Photo Brigade The Photo Brigade.  MORE INFO

• Thanks to Maptia for the Instagram post.  MORE INFO

• UN Women Finland MORE INFO

• “How I hired myself” in the Zacuto blogMORE INFO

• Petition to stop child labor in India. MORE INFO

• The Migrant project is featured on Social Documentary website.  MORE INFO

• Elcho Island images in Am-United Magazine.  MORE INFO

• The Birth Lottery on the “Journal“.  MORE INFO

• Maptia makes the Migrant Sugarcane Project an “Editors Pick”  MORE INFO

• PDN features the Migrant Sugarcane Project.  MORE INFO

• BikeEXIF features some of my images from the Quail show.  MORE INFO

• Pagnol-Moto features my portraits of Walt Siegl. MORE INFO

• #thebirthlottery in The Huffington PostMORE INFO

• See how Nomi Network has been using my images to end trafficking! PDF or MORE INFO

• I’ve been honored with a photojournalist award!! MORE INFO

• I’ve been featured on “The Photo Frontier” MORE INFO

• What’s In My Bag?  MORE INFO

• Phase One has a go at one of my images.  MORE INFO

• I’ve been interviewed on “Full-Time Photographer” MORE INFO

• I’m interviewed by UN Women (Okay it’s in Finnish) MORE INFO

• I have donated an Image to MORE INFO

• My UN Women images on bus shelters in Finland!! MORE INFO

• PDN recognizes my work with UN Women MORE INFO

• Confronting Dowry-related violence in India for UN Women  MORE INFO

• From Music to Documentary by Huffington Post  MORE INFO

• Blink 182 and The Huffington Post  MORE INFO

• Social Documentary picks the “Going Home” Project MORE INFO

• aCurator hosts “Going HomeMORE INFO

• Carrie Fisher for Jenny Craig MORE INFO

• Phase One is using my images MORE INFO

• Sprint Mobile Portraits MORE INFO

• Communication Arts selection! MORE INFO


Partial Client List

• Apnea Aap Women Worldwide • Atlantic Records

• Blurb • CBS News

• COG NYC • Emmy Magazine

• FCB Global • The Globe and Mail

• Hamlin Fistula Hospital (Ethiopia)

• India Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact

• Ipecac Recordings • Island Records

• James Perse • KHPT (India)

• Lawyers Collective (India) • Maverick Records

• Maxim Magazine • MCA

• McGarry Bowen • Nomi Network (India)

• Olay • Onex

• Pagnol-Moto • Phase One

• Rolling Stone • Sony BMG

• Spin Magazine • Sprint

• UN Women • Universal Records

• Verizon • Walt Siegl Motorcycles




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