20×24 Blink-182 Contact Print w/Cover Album cover Image



Blink-182 Original Contact Sheet with Album Cover Frame.

This is a high quality metal print from the original contact sheet where the final cover image was shot.

In March of 1999 I was hired by MCA records to shoot the album packaging for Orange County Punk band Blink-182. Originally titled “Turn Your Head And Cough” I came up with the idea of a nurse pulling a latex glove on. Eventually the album titled was changed to “Enema Of The State”. 15 Million records later and it is considered one of the top album cover art pieces of all time. Pretty cool for me 🙂

Recently I took a deep dive into my filing cabinet to find the original contact sheet from which the album cover image came from. I decided to create a high quality image from this contact sheet. It shows the 10 frames that made up the roll. The 9th frame on the bottom is the one that was selected as can be seen by the “11×14″note indicating the size of print needed for reproduction (this was before digital, so a print was needed).

This image is about as rare as can be and looks stunning as a metal high gloss print. No framing needed. Add it to your collection or gift it to a fan.

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Print Size: 20 x 24-inch 

• Other sizes available upon request.


Shipping from $50.00 depending on location.

Once I receive a print order I will have the image custom printed. You will get a confirmation email and updates when the print is sent.

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