I’ve been very lucky in my career to have met and worked with some amazing people. When I was young and just starting out I was placed with a fashion photographer who took the time to teach me many of the things that I have used in my career.  We are always learning, sometimes we learn how to do things and sometimes we learn how not to do them. Having a mentor was crucial for my development and truth be told I have had a few. Some were other photographers and some were just people I met along the way. Over the last few years, I’ve been able to give back through teaching and mentoring other up and coming photographers.  Since we live in the era of the Internet the opportunity to reach out and give back to a wider audience has grown exponentially. Now I want to offer a mentorship to up and coming photographers. To guide and support in a way that can help to encourage and empower.What can we do together?

  • Constructive feedback on your portfolio/website
  • Guidance with business suggestions
  • Help to identify areas that may be underutilized both creatively and technically.
  • Help you to see photography in a new way.
  • Consider how lighting and storytelling can improve the final result.
  • Understanding how to prepare for a job.
  • Communicating while on set.
  • Pre, shoot and post-production considerations
  • Much more.


1-hour video conference (Skype/Google hangout) $300.00

2.5 day dedicated in-person session $1200.00

We will start with a call in the evening to discuss your goals and challenges. Based on this info we will set up a two-day program to address them. There will be a portfolio/website review.  Day one will include photo exercises (how to see and not just look) shooting, reviewing with workflow. Day two: How to Prepare for a shoot, what to pack and consider. Going on location, getting permission, shooting with and without flash, output, and delivery.

One year Mentorship: $1500.00

This one-year will be supported by six video mentoring sessions where we can set out a goal and connect approx. once every other month for an hour with a one day on location guided shoot with critique and workflow to follow.

Only through support and understanding can we really feel safe to challenge ourselves and push our creativity beyond what we are used to.  There are no judgments. My goal is, to be honest, and help you improve to be the best photographer you can be.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me to discuss.


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